How it Works

How to use the app

Work Process

We’ve built a powerful software on Quantum computing to automatically trade crypto and play casino games.

  • Register and receive apk file

  • Verification

  • Deposit in crypto

  • Auto Trade & casino

  • Withdraw

  • 24/7 Online customer support

Best Features

here are the top features on venus program

Safe & Secure

A safe and secure environent to trade and store your crypto coins

Early Bonus

Get bonus when you receive the apk

Casino Slips

Gamble with casino slips

Secure Storage

Get personal gurantee on storage, no hidden fees when you store your coin

Low cost

One month trial with 1btc

Several Profit

Make huge profits on higher deposits and bigger bonus


John Patrick

The best Crypto Trading Bots to automate your Crypto trading strategies and amplify profits.

Frances Rebecca

Although it was a little tricky to master at first, it is a really easy super Bot and this one actually makes good trades consistently unlike others I have tried in the past.

Aaron Victor

I spend most of my time in the Casino but I think this App is as good as most top Casino I have used, the pay out is instant and anonymously in btc wallets, PS they also have a great customer support

Robbert Steven

I have used lots of apk like this and one thing I like about this one is their devoted commitment to their customers, A must have app for any crypto trader in 2023

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Venus Program App

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  • Available on Android

  • Available on Windows Os

  • Available on Linux Os

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Frequently Asked Questions

find answers to your questions here


1BTC for auto trading and view of casino, no slips and account should be upgraded to specific tier level after 4 weeks /1 month of trail otherwise withdrawal should be made and account closure

T1- 3BTC

2.5BTC Trading Liquid(30% monthly profits)/0.5BTC Casino SLIPS

T2- 7BTC

3.1BTC Trading Liquid(35%-40% monthly profits)/3.9BTC Casino SLIPS

T3- 10BTC

4BTC Trading Liquid(40%-50% monthly profits)/6BTC Casino SLIPS

T4- 15BTC

7BTC Trading Liquid(50%-60% monthly profits)/8BTC Casino SLIPS

T5- 30BTC

15BTC Trading Liquid(60%-70% monthly profits)/15BTC Casino SLIPS

T6- 50BTC

25BTC Trading Liquid(70%-80% monthly profits)/25BTC Casino SLIPS

How do I get the apk?

Apk will be received automatically to mail after complete hash verification and assistance will be provided to set up if need be

How should a user register?

Adviced to register anonymously on Apk with mail of access for support verification if need occurs

Do I need to verify my account?

Verifications will be brought to option after 6weeks of participation as onchoice to undergo or proceed as usual

When do my trading bot sync start?

Trading Bot sync periods are calculated quarterly of the year from registration

How do I activate the trading bot?

Trading bots are on default programs set in Apk

Will my trading funds be debitted for casino games?

Trading funds will not be Tampered for hands on tables and featured games

How are deposits and withdrawals made?

Only Cryptocurrencies will be used for deposits and withdrawals until verification

When can I withdraw?

crypto withdrawals is made available after activation Sepa, Wires and other forms of bank-to-bank transfers will only be accessible after 6weeks of participation and completing verification by documents

How long before my deposit reflect on my account?

Activation Deposits, Cryptocurrency: complete's in hours Future deposits, Cryptocurrency: complete's in hours bank-to-bank: complete's within 2-5 days

How long before my withdrawal is processed?

Withdrawals, cryptocurrency complete's in hours, bank-to-bank complete's within 2-5 days

Do I need to make a commitment?

No commitment program with all ownership rights to account owners

How are verifications made?

Apk Id and google/Ms authenticator for verification and security until undergone

What is the age limit to use the apk?

Participation age must be +18, Account dismiss if otherwise after verification

What happens if my account is suspended?

Guardian petition following protocol would release money as account closure follows

How can I contact the customer service

The customer support team is available to assist you 24/7 via Emails and in app Live chat. However, If personal assistance is needed a call can be scheduled to speak with a representative

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